Coming To You From Ketchikan Alaska!

Well yesterday we where at one of the many Glacers that dot alaska, and it was interesting to see it. We spent from about noon till about 3pm there watching it, and I managed to see two calfings (pices from the glacer break off).

The day before yesterday we where in another port of call Skagway. It was an interesting day there, we went on the Dog Sled ride, which was alright, but it was not what I was hoping for – this one there where 6 people per sled (and the sled where modified ATVs that sat 6 people in rows of 2).

Mom and I where at the front of the sled, and it was good. Smelly from the dog terds, and really really muddy, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I also managed to be able to hold two pup, unfortunatly they didn’t have that puppy smell, which was disapointing to me, but at least I got to hold them (they had just truned 2 weeks of age – thus their eyes hadn’t been open long).

We also ended up doing the White Trail Pass Railway, which ment we ended up in the Yukon, Canada for about 5 min while they turned the train around (the uncoupled the three engions and drove them by the main train to what was the back of the train to recoupe them – I managed to get a couple of good shots I think of that event). On the way into Canada it was funny to see that RCMP hut that use to be used for passangers going into Canada from Skagway Alaska. I got quite a number of interesting images on that train ride, and I’ll be posting a few of them once I get back home and get can them uploaded.

My dad did the bordello tour, which he found interesting cause it gave info on the town when it was younger and was part of the gold rush, apparently only 20 ppl actually made their fortunes there, and about 100 people made a confrotable living, the rest well didn’t made it as they wished the could have, and many others just died trying to get where they where going.

The apparent life of a lady of the evening was 2 years before she would die of any number of STDs, or other maladies. I found it interesting to learn more about that side of life, from my dad, and I know he found it of interest to various degrees since its history of that area and what made it what it is to a degree.

I didn’t learn much about the rail way since I spent about 75% of the trip outside of the rail car, photographing the passing sights (as i said I’ll post a few images as able for all to see). I will say it was cold out there as the train traviled, it made me wish I’d packed warmer clothing or at leat warmer gloves cause my fingers where freezing and getting num which ment trying to manipulate the camera was not easy near the end of the train ride – shakes head.

Today we are in ketchikan, and mom and I are going to the native village to look around which should be interesting I would think. We arrive in port about 1pm so it doesn’t give us much time there since we have to be back on ship by 6pm, not long at all, at least to me its not this is the port i wish to a degree we had more time in, but hay at least where here and get to see stuff.

I’m hoping to do a little shopping, getting some new t-shirts (k i got a few in our first port of call, but hay i like what i saw, and hop to see more along those lines as well). According to the tourist info in regards to ketchikan you can see the entire town (tourest area at least) in a hours time. Which means I should be able to see some of the place before we leave and start our journey back to Canada.

I’ll write more about what happens today as time premits (from the looks of things I’ll likely have time tomorrow to get online – though I don’t know how much time I have left on my online account so it will depend on how much i have remaining. You see I have so many min alloted for the voyage when they are used up that is it no more for the voyage cause I can’t afford to buy more not at the moment since my american funds are almost used up).

I am thinking of back dating a few entries to cover what happened those days that I’ve missed posted here, but as yet I’ve not decided if that is a good idea or not, chuckles. I enjoy being online, and unlike before i left I now miss to a small degree going online when ever I wish to go online, which to a degree is a good feeling, but at the same time it goes to show that you can get use to just about anything in time.

Well take care everyone,



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