Choosing a Pup

Well its been several weeks since my pup died and well I do admit to looking online and though my various Dogs in Canada Annuals looking at various breeds and looking them up and trying to figure out what breed next to look into getting, if Norman’s pup Oz can’t come up with him on a perm basis.

We both know the two breeds we would like to have, but can not have right now (got to take my mom’s allergies into account for a large part of it). So the breeds that we can look at is narrowed down to a few and we really can’t just go to a local shelter and get a pup that needs a home since we need to know the breed info and what not (though if I didn’t have to worry about a few factors I’d easy go to a local shelter to find another pup.

We’ve narrowed it down to a handful of breeds of which two are higher on the list, they are the Labadoodle/Goldendoodle, a Standard Poodle, a Westie, a Border Terrier or another Schnauzer. Now of the ones lists only really the Doodles or poodle at on the list of pup’s that apply to a good degree to what it is we’re looking for in size and temperament. As much as I’d love to have another Schnauzer in the family my folks are not on board with getting another just yet (even though its been 15 years since my first pup passed, they are not open to having another schnauzer around the house just yet). A Westie would make a great option because of various factors however the size issue when it comes to my mom might be the main reason its not likely a good idea a small dog around someone who trips easy isn’t a good combo. That also applies to the Border Terrier though taller then the westie they are still fair small. Which leaves us with with the Poodle or Doodles, I vote for poodle where as Norman rather go after a doodle mostly because he wont’s a retriever tempered dog.

My reasons for wishing a Standard Poodle in general is because of their intelligence, how good they can be around seniors, they are stable with little health issues in general, are used as Seizure Alter and Diabetic Alert Dogs so there is that added side effect that one might end up helping either of us in the home (since getting an actual service dog right now is out of the question and might not be very practical given various factors that we’ve learned recently learned about). Hard to explain it all as to why I am drawn to the breed in general as a companion but like a lot of things time does tell what we will end up with – but it will be an older pup over 2 but under 5 as neither of us feel we have the time to raise an actual puppy at this stage in our lives.



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