The Book “Two is Enough”

Title: Two is Enough (A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice)
Author: Laura S. Scot
Publisher: Seal Press
Published: 2009
Pages: 254
ISBN# 978-1-58005-263-4
Price: 16.95 USD and 21.50 CAD
Ratting: 3 out of 5

I don’t really know what I thought when it came to ordering the book, the only thing I did know is that since hearing about the book online that I did wish to read it but at the price being asked for it from the book shop it wasn’t going to happen any time in the near future. So the only option that there would be was to see if the local library system had it in and well until recently they didn’t have any childless or childfree books in stock. Or rather nun of the current popular titles that I’d been hearing about.

It only took me less then a day to read the book cover to cover, which for some might mean it can’t be a great book or something along those lines, but for me its not the case. Good books for me tend to go that way, I tend to be able to read a good book within 24 to 48 hours on average if it caches my attention enough to do so, and well this book did to start with.

I had started reading another book that I was going to do a read one chapter, make my notes have a break then move on to the other book read a chapter make my notes have a break and so forth and so on. But that didn’t happen the book caught my attention solid from chapter one that I just didn’t put it down save to make dinner and eat for close to 7 hours that it took me to read the 250 page book.

The book has some good insights into various peoples reasons for choosing not to have children, ranging from it doesn’t feel right to be a parent to they though that one day that they would have one, but as time passed they realized that it wasn’t for them. The spectrum that the book goes though in this regards and the tails from each perspective is interesting to read about, the book though a basis for a study on those who choose not to have children is well written and to me worth reading regardless of your status as I think the book gives insight into a lot of things that even a parent might understand.

At the end of chapter 7, there are some answer’s that actually got my husband and I talking and laughing, the author actually posts some of the answers to the question “do you have children?” a couple of our favorite answer are “We’ve got two furry four-legged children” this answer is actually one we use fair often when asked if we have children, it might get strange looks but its the truth for us like many others who have made the choice to not have children. Another answer that made us chuckle was “No, Why? Do you need some?” and “No. I like kids, I just never wonted to own one.” though my husband found the authors husbands answer to be funny as well “No, I’m the only child my wife has.” and I agree it is funny in its own way, since Norman is a big kid at heart, then again so am I.

The book itself reads well and it doesn’t take long to get though in general, but I haven’t been able to read though it again, as I first though I would be able to do so after getting so into the book to start with after I got it. So for me the book might well be great and catches ones attention it just doesn’t for me keep my attention once its been read, which is unfortunate since for me that means the book failed to keep me interested in the long run of things. I feel that the book itself is a good read and that both those who have chosen to be childless by choice and those who are childless not by choice should read it and by far I know anyone who is thinking about being a parent or who is a parent should read the book if for no other reason then to get an idea of where some of their friends or those they work with might well be coming form.

All in all a good book and worth reading for all people on both sides of the fence.



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