Apartments almost ready…

Well the building of the apartments is almost finished, just putting on the finishing touches before they are released to the general public to rent.

At this point in time there will be three units open for rent, two units which are 600 sm each, and offering 117 prims and one at 400 sm and offering about 55 prims, the prim count is not yet set, as I am still trying to max the amount that can be offered to the renter.

Pricing for the 600 sm units starts at L$300 a week with a min of a week’s rent to be paid, to a max of 12 weeks or three months. Where as the 400 sm unit starts at L$175 a week for a min of a week’s rent to a max of 12 weeks rental, which of course can be renewed. Units come Unfurnished, but can be furnished upon request with your basics (sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, hearth, book cases, desk, kitchen, Basic SexGen Bed or standard non-animated bed), the walls and floor can also have their textures changed to a degree. For decorating and wall and floor texture changes you will need to contact LadyMuse Gray in world upon rental, you can also make inquiries.

Well take care everyone, I will post more when the apartments are put up for rent, with pics of them as well. Just remember the space for rent is enough to put a small house inside in most cases with room left over. The 600 sm units come with an deck that is over looking the SL Ocean without anything in the way to obstruct the view. The 400 sm unit can have a deck added, but the view is that of other buildings within the sim itself.



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