Another birthday, and other year passes

Greetings Everyone,

Well its a few days since I had my birthday (October 3rd), and I can say I’m one year older, going on eternity. Thanks for those who have wished me a happy birthday its appreachated. As to what I did for my bday, not mcuh myfolks took me out for lunch, then took me to get a cake (they never got the time to get one for me before my birthday).

I was at a birthday party on saturday for a friends GF, there where 8 of us, and 3 of us where celbrating bday within a matter of says of each other, which is totaly cool. We went to David and Busters which was really interesting big time, it was my first time there and I realy enjoyed going there, what I really like was playing the games, which to me was different mostly becuase i’m normaly not one for electronic cacino type gaming or the like, but hay it cost me about 45.00 for the day, which is more then I had to spend really, but it was a night out and it was fun so that’s what counts ta me at this point in time.



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