Amazon Wish Lists

House Hold Items Wishlist – Most of the items listed here are items that I either already have or had that needs to get replaced, though there are a few items that I would like to get, but are currently not in the budget to do so for various reasons.

Gardening Items Wishlist – Anyone that knows me knows that I enjoy gardening even if it is within the small space we have outside of our apartment (aka container gardening) it is still something that brings joy to me during the summer months to be able to do.

Food and Drink Items Wishlist – Now this is a list of items that we regularly go though to different degrees, some of them are used on occasion as treats where are other’s are a basic staple in our day to day living.

Clothing Wishlist – Well this list is something that I am a little unsure to actually publicly post as my size in clothing does vary and buying online like though Amazon can be a epic miss or a hit, but then again nothing ventured nothing gained. But if you are looking here, please keep in mind that I have weight and depending on from where I get my clothing I range from a 3X to a 5X (5x i’ve found tends to be online stuff gotten, most in store stuff is around a 3X maybe 4x).

Arts and Crafts Wishlist – Well if you have been reading though my blog you might have learned that I enjoy creating things and thus this list was born, so to speak.

Adult Colouring Books Wishlist – I love to colour when I have the chance to do so, but also when my body allows me to do so (which at times isn’t as often as I would like to be able to do so, thanks to the Dystonia that can make holding a crayon/pencils its own issue.

Add-On Items Wishlist (for when order are over 25.00) – There are more items that Amazon has said can only be gotten if you are making a order that is over 25.00 CAD, yet at other times they are able to be ordered without already being part of a order, but regardless these items vary as to why they are here but all are wished for and several of them like some of the food/drink items are commonly used.

10.00 and Under Would Like Wishlist – We’re all on a budget to degrees, with that in mind this list was created to give an idea of items that I would like that are in some minds budget friendly (then again most of the items I have in many of these lists are under 10.00 – though not all of course).

Medical Aids Would Like Wishlist – Another list that I am not sure I should be making pubic, but then again I am not ashamed of needing the items that i have listed here, some of them are needed to help in my day to day living other’s would add to my day to day living abilities.

Service Dogs Wishlist – This list is just what it says, it is for items that we would like to get for our Service Dogs, some of them are common items others are items that need replacing do to age and just reaching the end of their working life (as in falling apart and can’t be patched up anymore).

Storm, Spirit and Bean’s General Wishlist – In many regards what list would be complete without something that is specific to ones “pets” ya the Service Dog list has items, but this list is specific to all three of them and isn’t necessarily work related, since every dog needs toys to play with and things to chew, not to mention food.

Nyxks Wishlist – This is my general list that I made, pretty much anything goes here that I don’t know where to place it for my other lists, so its a collecting area for things that I am looking to get, wish to get, need to get, or need to get to replace already existing items, regardless the things here are items that are of interest to me.



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