A Week of Dog walking

Well it has been an interesting week that is for sure, been waking 2 to 4 dogs each day since Monday, and today I walked two of them on my own.

I’m a little sore in my lower back but not a lot more than I normally am in general which is good, since I was expecting to be in a lot more pain than I actually am in on any given day. So it seems that the dog walking, in general agrees with me at this point in time, which is great.

Also ended up going over to my friend’s place to visit with her dogs for a bit as she needed to be elsewhere so asked me to go over and spend some time with them. It was fun playing with them, giving them scratches and in general having them in my lap and licking my face.

Two of the dogs that already like to lick me where “fighting for space on my lap” and one that normally totally ignores me was actually in the mix of things demanding to be held and snuggle with me, which was a little shocking as he has shown 0 interest in interacting with me all week, yet today for some reason he was trying to buddy up to me or something to get as much attention as he possibly could.

Well I hope that I am able to do more dog walking next week as I really enjoyed doing it this week, but like all things time will tell if it happens or not.



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