30th Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME ……


Well thats right I am 30th today (k 9pm tongith in truth, but still its the day of my birth).

Looking at the number has me saying “Already!? .. ACK!!!!”

Chuckles I am so NOT ready to be this age, then again have felt like I have been this age for most of my adult life … lol Not ready because by 30 your supost to have so many things already started it does seem (according to mass media at least), such as full time work, paying work even, not to mention living on your own, and maybe even hitched or at least co-habitating with your partner.

Oh well, new studies are saying that we are staying home longer and that stable income etc is getting longer to get because of going to school longer, but sighs even a good education doesnt mean you’ll have work once graduate – which is not great.

Oh well hope everyone is doing well, take care



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