3 months till the new year

It is so hard to believe that 2018 is coming to a close and all that has happened this past year.

So much has happened the past 9 months that it is hard to believe that it has been that long as it doesn’t really feel like its been that length of time, but it has. This past year I’ve gotten retold that I do have Fibro something I really didn’t wish to hear on any level as I still do not believe it fully because it just doesn’t feel right to me (i believe it exists, but I don’t believe its the actual catch all that its being made out to be).

Then getting told that I also have ME/CFS makes me do the what the world, another condition that has 0 treatment options, come on! Knowing that I have something else apparetnly makes me think that I can’t win for trying.

I do know that the past 9 months things have gotten worse for me, mobility wise. I offically admit that I do not have the stamina that I had a year ago or even 3 years ago and that my ability to stand for more then 30 minutes is highly compromized, which means shopping and even general walking has taken a hit when it comes to being able to do it.

Norman has some light at the end of his own mendical tunnle, but his predictibility of his seizures is still a wild card so that’s always on my mind that I try and keep an eye on him to help as needed even though I know he has payton to help him.

After the church camping trip I did come to realise that my limitations are there that pushing through them equals me needing to take MORE time off and away just to recoup from the extra that I pushed though which means more down time then i’m confortable with.

I’m also getting close to trying to vlog as it is starting to feel like it might be a good option for actually documenting things that are happening in my life instead of the odd photo and short video clips that I’ve been doing for the past couple of year, but just have to get my brain around doing so.

Well post more shortly, take care.



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