2006 goals

Well I do have some goal for 2006 that I would like to accomplish they are as follows…

1 – find stable work – or at least work that pays well enough that the off time doesn’t leave me scrambling trying to find more work fast.

2 – pay off debt – its high enough that I’m not comfortable with it, but low enough that I do not think with good work it will take to long to pay off.

3 – get out of the funk i’m in – well without the work I get nervice about how I’m going to play for my sites, and other things that I have in my life, such as my car which I need for work when I have work, thus with all is said and dun the unsertanty has me not always in a good mood to say the least.

4 – become more invovled with local community – I use to be rather invovled with my local communities, but in the past two years that has not been the case and I am hoping to get back and more invovled as I use to be.

5 – put the past where it belongs in the past (but still remember)

Well they might not all be possible, but I know a few of them are since well they have started to happen before this year even started.

Well take care,



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