100,000 and counting ….

Greetings Everyone,

Well another day, and more pages completed for the pending relunch of PathWalkers, just another 100,000 pages to work on, or rather about 5GB of info to go though and parce into articles etc for the site, can one say over kill or something to that effect? Oh well everything will get finished, or rather added eventually, its just a matter of time.

Was at Cerridwens Mug the other night, chatted with a few ppl I know, Sam, Stepher, Chris and others :-), it was an interesting mug. Only one minor problem, I was not feeling well, it would appear i’m starting to get a cold (have sore throate etc), which is not fun. But oh well it is the season for it, lets hop I better in time for Samhain.

Hmmm what else to tell … well I’m still job hunting, as yet nothing, but i’m hopful with yule coming that some part time work will at least it the fan and I’ll be able to make some monies to be able to get some gifts for folks and to start really saving for that G5 and the new Software from Adobe and Macromedia that I wont, or raher need to get.

Well I can’t think of anything further to post at the moment so guess that’s it for now, i’ll ofcourse post more as I think of things to post/say, take care everyone.



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