Wearing a Mask

Well well well, there is so much hate/dislike of those who do not wear a mask be it because they outright do not believe that it affects them and don’t give a darn about others or do to medical reasons wearing such has been deemed a medical issue to do so. It seems that some people just can not leave well enough alone, when someone says that they do not LIKE wearing a Mask, but do were one anyhow.

I fail to see how disliking wearing a facial mask equals not wearing it, or how only wearing it as needed to do so and feeling Closter phobic wearing it also equals not wearing one. Like hello! nowhere, in either case, did it say that I do NOT wear a face-covering! I actually do wear a facial mask, I keep one in our car at all times to wear on an as-needed basis, I can’t stand it but I do wear it.

mask alternative - version 1 But in truth, if I have to go out I actually prefer something similar to a full headscarf to be worn. I don’t like ski masks or balaclavas those are workable yes, however, they still press on my face and make me feel really uncomfortable in the extreme so like any face mask they are something I would wear on an as-needed basis, but would totally prefer not to do so at all, given a chance.

It’s sade that there are so many people out there who will spout their version of facts and take out of context from one country to another what they choose to believe and totally disregard what is the fact for the country/area that you are located in.

Oh well, haters will always hate because that is what they do.



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