Sore and Tired

Well the past couple of weeks haven’t been to kind to me, but it is part of life.

Ran out of the medication that was prescribe to help with things, the reality is I ran out last month if I had been taking it as prescribed instead of as I chose to which was to stretch it out as long as was possible – was told 2 to 3 tablets at bed, was only taking 2, but still of course ran out so when I see my GP next week she will either up the dosage maintain it or I have no idea. At the 2 I can’t say it was helping or not as I know that is still a very low dosage of the drug to start with and most people don’t see help from it until much higher dosages are reached.

But since I was mostly looking for help in the pain regarding sleep and the legs being over active at night or when sitting and or lying down it had effected the legs nicely making them not so painful and twitchy. But the tingling in one of the legs below the knee has increased to the point that it is 24/7 and a source of irritation to various degrees (it feels funny all the time, like ants running around the leg all the time). Was told no nuroppathy in the leg, so no idea what is going on or why its acting as it is and only getting worse (the drug at least helps calm it down – which makes me think its to do with the nerves despite being told everything in that leg is normal).

Oh well its something to bring back up with the doc when I see her, until then can hope it gets better and not worse, take care everyone!



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