Short Medical

Ended up taking transit to see my GP instead of driving do to the weather, which turned out decent conditions for driving but we’d already made the choice to change to transit, which was good for Storm, but bleep the slush and muck wasn’t great to clean from her or Payton’s coat!

Get to my GP and get in to see her, go over whats been happening for the past month and change and she wasn’t overly concerned about the things I was telling her, and she said that my speech seems to be improving from last time she saw me and I do agree it has become semi better, but it isn’t as good as it once was.

After my medical appointment we stopped by Subway to get Norman a bite to eat only to get told No Service Dogs allowed, the person making the food kept firm that our service dogs where not allowed in the place. Ended up contacting corp who where nun to pleased and told me that someone would be in contact within 48 hours so will see how that goes.

Post more shortly, take care.



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