Pain, pain, go away!

Sighs, it would so so nice to have several hours without constant pain. I’d even settle for a full nights sleep without waking up in pain, but sadly that isn’t likely to happen any time soon it does feel/seem.

I don’t know what really to do anymore, living in 24/7 pain I know isn’t helping my health and I know it isn’t helping my body. I’ve actually had about 11 days when I’ve needed to take the Celecoxib that my GP prescribed me for to help with the pain, it doesn’t help 100% but it does help enough to calm things down enough that the edge is taken off of it which is way more of a edge off then regular Advil was helping with.

What is really causing me issues is of course my lower back, I’ve been pushing to walk Storm as often as possible and get in minor training to get her up to snuff while trying to get her into task training for what I need from her outside of what she already knows.

But the back pain and the heat is really making this hard to do. The pain after doing a simple morning potty break/walk leave me for a good hour plus afterwards in heightened pain (I know I could take the medication, but I’m suppose to only take it once max twice a day – yet the pharmacy only filled it enough for once a day max). I push though it by doing the dishes, or trying to work at my main computer or doing other things that need doing.

Sad truth is I’m not getting a lot dun when I’m in that pain, and I feel like the house is suffering since I am not keeping it up like I am told that I should be able to do so. Makes me feel like I’m useless since I apparently can’t do a simple task as keeping the house clean as my mom kept it (until she got ill).

Norman does his part for what I can’t do to degrees, he is helping dad with the garage (which is taking a while to go though after all there is 40+ years of acclimated items there to be gone though and tossed or what have you – but it’s getting completed slowly).

Well hope everyone is doing well, post more as time allows for it



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