Mini Health Rant

Well it is one of those days when one ends up playing catch up from the week that is finishing and also to degrees the week previous to this one.

I am starting to really dislike what ever is going on with my body and it not letting me have the energy or ability at times to get though what should be a simple task such as doing the dishes without meaning that I’m having to take a long break afterwards to rest and regain my strength or stamina even both.

Walking the dog shouldn’t mean that I have to spend several hours trying to get my breath back or get the pain under control, it shouldn’t mean that I can’t go out and do gardening or other cleaning that needs to be dun around the house (yet it does).

I should be able to go for an hour or two of shopping and not be feeling like I’m walking though molassis less then halfway though the trip of feel like I am in the middle of a sensory overload or combo there of.

I have SO MANY ideas going around in my head, yet when it comes to time do what I have been thinking about I totally forget what it was that I was even thinking of in the first place! This is combined when I can’t always even remember if I have even locked the house never mind the car (I have to ask Norman if he remembers if I do so or not). Like hello at 39 years old I SHOULDN’T be having this much short term memory troubles.

I do not know what is going wrong with me, I have a brain MRI to get dun when they tell me but until then its a waiting game waiting for them to tell me I have it scheduled (its already been two weeks and NOTHING).

Add into all this I’ve got something going on with my lungs, my GP can’t hear anything yet it feels like I have a upper respiratory infection with how hard it is to breath. Oh well like all things going on in my health atm, things will get figured out eventually.

post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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