Well saw my new GP today, went in with my lundary list of thigns that have happened since I last saw her plus things that didnt get touched on since last we saw each other and other Questions that have come up over the past since I law saw her.

Like normal she couldn’t take it all in and still hasn’t gone though my entrie medical file – she thought she had dun so but in reality she had only gone though the tip of it and she even admitted that my file is more extensive then she realized and that its going to take a while for her to be able to actually go though it. I honestly don’t think she is going to go though it, but I can hope that she actually will – but I’m not holding my breath about her actaully doing so.

Had two main issues covered, that being my back pain which she dismissed (yet again) and talked about my foot which I’ve lost feeling in the toes after having cut myself on canada day – so it seems I have perm nerve dameage to the area now that is as it is and can’t be dun anything about.

So as much as it was a good appointment I still felt like I wasn’t heard or listened to – I can only hope at my next visit goes bettter with her.



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