Disaster of an OT Appointment

Well, that was a disaster of an OT appointment yesterday (Tuesday), I had such high hope’s for it (I really shouldn’t have had such hope’s, but I’m an optimist at heart).

First, the person calls and his number comes across as being from another country, so I ignore it. Then he calls again and I answer, he asks me to buzz him in but I can’t because he hasn’t used the building’s call system to connect but a private line so I have 0 way of letting him in without leaving the apartment and going down to him. I told him last visit to USE the apartment call system but apparently he disregarded my comment (first strike).

He gets into the apartment and immediately pulls out the kitchen chair and sits down, letting me stand and hold onto the fridge and balance as I am able, and he starts to go through his notes without even looking at me, so of course, I’m having trouble following him as I cant see his bleeping lips! But apparently according to him I don’t all of a sudden need to have a shower/bath chair or even aid to help me get off the toilet, but two bars for the shower are an option, but not necessarily needed.

I’m floored, my GP n neurologist agrees my balance is crap n only going to get worse so I need to be as proactive to make sure I’m safe as possible so I don’t make things progress any faster than they already are. Yet this twit, says I don’t need such extra aids in the bathroom that a week before he agreed I did need.

I am shocked at his answer n justification on the matter. Then while I’m standing I have a mini dystonia storm that almost has me hitting the kitchen floor, then and only then does he even say anything and its “oh, let’s move to the living room so you can sit down” by now I’ve spent what little energy I had and my vocal cords are now low functional and thanks to the pain I’m now in trying to communicate properly with him goes out the window.

I manage to ask him when he is going to get to the wheelchair. He looks at me with actual shock on his face. I’m like yes that is why my GP requested an OT for me so I can get a wheelchair made for me to give me more independence. The OT says his notes have nothing about needing a wheelchair and why don’t I just get a transport chair or hospital-style wheelchair for norman to push me around in all the time then.

Like bleep bleep bleep, how does having someone who is also disabled help me be independent in my own right? Those types of chairs are good for temporary use, they can cause pressure sores and do 100% NOTHING to help one be independent in their own right.

Hold him that no I needed a custom fit manual wheelchair with optional smart drive so I can get around when needed on my own without needing to make sure norman is well enough to push me (like hello how the world do you shop, if you need to push your wife in a chair and also handle two service dogs plus a shopping cart? Ummmm ya answer is you don’t do it. You have as much independence as possible to be two individuals who go shopping together as a couple with their needed medical equipment.

Shakes head, not the best morning to start the day off with. When he left, I texted a couple of friends and did my wtf’s before finally falling asleep and ended up sleeping from around 10 am until almost 2 pm when I finally got up. I am still feeling drained and in a high level of pain, of course, I have another mini-episode and that just explodes my level of pain. When it calms down we head for the meet and greet within our apartment building (staff meets n greet). We stay for as long as I am able to do so which isn’t very long as my pain starts to take over and I am starting to hold the wall up because I can’t stand without the help of the wall.

Get back to our apartment and another mini set of storms hit, leaving me further exhausted and in total pain. But I muster things together to get dinner started and served before hitting our bed and giving into my body’s demand for sleep. Wake up don’t feel better but I’m more functional then I was.

Sighs so NOT the best day by any means. I’m praying today goes better, I get to see two pups that I enjoy being around and were getting a food box. So it’s set to be a positive day in general.



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