Medical, not always what it seems

Saw my GP today I’d totally forgotten about the appointment, I knew that it was coming up but in all honestly I thought it was next week sometime, not TODAY! I was totally ill prepared which might have been a good thing because I was in a epic flair that she got to see me at almost my worst that mostly only my husband see’s me at early in the morning or when I’ve dun a lot and my body says enough is enough and calls it virtual quits on me.

First got woken up by my pre-alarm that lets me know 30 minutes until a medical appointment, that was strange since I didn’t remember programming it to today so looked and saw that it was for to see my GP, jumped out of bed did a fast glucose test and was decent and rushed to get ready woke my hubby up and was like doc appointment asap (he rushed to get ready also).

Arrive at the doc’s place 10 minutes late (good thing appointment is booked for a full 30 minutes, so only really got to see her for 20 minutes but better then not at all), at any rate. Get into see her and she asks me how i’m doing and I can’t even get the words out to say she looks at me and I sign (ASL), Tired, in Pain, Trouble finding Words. She doesn’t fully understand but knows enough to know that I’m signing for a good reason.

I sit down and try to clear my mind and start trying to talk, she is looking at me like a version of WTF. As it goes she agrees that my ability to speak is not a good sign, I get asked have I had any head injury since last appointment and I’m like no (shake my head) and she like no ER report so you’ve not been to the ER with a stroke, though it doesn’t rule out a mini one, so asked me the questions that goes with a mini stroke (same as full only not as apparent) and same deal no memory of anything like that only that my speaking ability has gotten much worse since I last saw her three weeks ago, back then I talked fine, some halting to find words but nothing like the stutter or lack of vocalization that was happening today.

She then notices that my leg is doing the bouncing but is not like it has been, I manage to remember the video I shot of the two occasions of my leg she watches the videos and “that’s isn’t normal” like umm ya I know it isn’t. She asked when I last saw the Neurologist and since I’d jus teen looking at my medical dates a couple days ago trying to plot everything out for myself I tell her the month and she finds the appointment date and says that she’s referring be back to him for further testing.

The main cases of the Aphasia are Mini Stroke, Head Injury, and Brain Tumour. She doesn’t believe that I’ve had a stroke, and I don’t recall any head injury that could cause this which means Brain Tumour or some of the possible less common options for its development from other conditions such as MS.

When I looked it up, what struck me was the following…”Aphasia can occur by itself or alongside other disorders, such as visual difficulties, mobility problems, limb weakness and cognitive changes. Aphasia affects a person’s language, but it doesn’t affect a person’s intelligence.”

I know I have been having Mobility issues and limb weakness that has been going on for several months and only getting worse, so this makes me wonder what the bleep is going wrong! I am so very much frustrated with what is going on, I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail for far to long now. But then again medically speaking that is about how it goes for a lot of people before they get told what it is they have, if they ever do get told (my mom never found out what was wrong with her – but I think the medical community stopped trying to find out do to her age).

Well all in all the appointment went well enough, minus my inability to speak fully which was blasted annoying. At least I did get to show her the video I’d taken of my leg acting up (she also got to see it acting up in person, and while she was trying to preform the neurological test) so that at least is a positive for the appointment in how it happened.



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