Medical Appointments

Well saw my doc for a follow up and not a lot to report other then she agreed to a referral to WCH for their pain management clinic to see if they might be able to help with my never ending pain that I’m in.

I don’t expect much out of them really, i think that they might have suggestions but when all is said and dun I don’t have any faith that they will have answers or workable solutions but at the same time I’m semi helpful.

She also put in a call to the neurologist for another appointment to see what is going on with the Brain MRI that was dun, but seemed to think that maybe the reading of the MRI was taking longer then normal for some unknown reason.

Other then that no other medical covered, I totally forgot about the pain in my feet that is effecting my ability to walk, so ya got a lot taken care of but not all that needed to be taken care of.



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