Lupron, first day

Well I got the shot yesterday, and its been 24 hours so far and well I’m not feeling anything from the shot really. Yes my muscles are not pleased with me, but I had the same effect after my very first shot of Depo Provera so to me its just an ajustment my bodies making to the drug being in my system.

So many people have told me that it was the worst druug that they have ever been on with the hotflashes, night sweets and what have you, but so far I’ve not experianced that. infact my night sweets that I’ve been having for the past month, last night was the first night that I didn’t get them at all! … total shocker there for me, had started to become use to them (to a degree).

Oh well as I said so far nothing’s happening, no increase in bleeding, no hot flashed, no night sweets, no foggy thinking. Will keep everyone updated, take care.



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