Life Update

Well up and down news – got the paperwork finished for disability just need to finish the self assessment part and hand it in (easer said than dun when it comes to writing the info down) … also got my parking pass for disability of which I’ve got mixed feelings about, part of me thinks I am so not disabled enough to need it the other part of me says ya right you are totally kidding yourself you are.

Either way life is not heading in the direction I thought it would oh so many years ago or even just two years ago for that matter. Add to the issue I’ve learned a few new things from reading over my medical file when it comes to what I have been officially diagnosed with vs unofficially (told verbally vs actually having it on paper).

Seems my Chronic Pain isn’t just fibro but in fact Chronic Pain Syndrome (which means nothing other then than my body is stuck in a pain loop that it can’t get out of as yet, though with digressive disk decease it does stand to reason why I have back pain).

Oh well life goes forwards and onwards, post more as time passes, take care.



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