Its coming off slowly

Well I might not have lost a lot of weight since I last wrote about my weight – I have lost a pound and lost a few inches from my waste line and from my hips which is cool in and of itself.

The lost in a few inches from my wast line and hips well I can easly put it up to the activities last week end since well I was fairly active expecailly sunday night – chuckles.

Then again it could also be the fact that I was wearing my corset for a good portion of the weekend that my waste hasn’t yet filled out from wearing it – guess i’ll know soon enough what the answer is to that one.

Maybe the play session Sunday night was what my body needed to be able to get some of the weight come off to a degree – one thing is for sure time will tell how things continue to go for me in regards to weight loss and what not.

well take care everyone



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