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Well I was crunching some numbers earlier today and well lets put it this way, some interesting numbers came out of it, numbers to which I am fair pleased to see.

K the numbers are American, but I have not been able to find the same info the Canadians, so have to go with what I can get in general, and hope that they are similar in their outcomes should I ever find the Canadian version.

What I am talking about is figuring out my Body Fat Percentage, I know that there is a margin or error since I’m not using calipers or other “scientific methods” to figure it out, but still its a number which though still high is acceptable to me as it currently stands, and I can really see my own progress since I started trying to louse the weight.

According to the American Council on Exercise, my 27% body fat average is considered to be Acceptable for a women. Yes I am on the upper end of that acceptable range, but its better then what I was 10 months ago, which was at the Obese range of 32% and higher, so even if the scales haven’t really moved in the right direction the inches have.

According to the number crunching my Waist to Hip Ratio is 0.82 which apparently is not bad, it puts me Moderate Risk at the moment for “health complications” … K i already have health complications such as the diabetes, but at least the numbers are getting lower, and am hoping in a month or two that I will be in the Low Risk category which is 0.80 or below in the waist to Hip ratio.

One thing I have learned is that my goal of 180 pounds might not actually be realistic when all is said and dun. Since it does appear that I’m gaining muscle weight which might well prevent me from getting down that low, or lower for that matter (BMI wise I should be about 140 pounds).

From what I have been able to get from my number crunching 209 pounds might well be the lowest I could get to (then again like everything its numbers so I might well be off and I could get lower, but even the dietitian said that my 180 lb. goal was pushing it and said 220 was a better goal .. aka to her more reasonable), hence my rethink of a goal weight of 180 pounds to being 224 pounds by December 2009.

This means I am aiming for a 20 pounds a year loss .. 20 pounds for 2007 (to be down to 259), 20 pounds for 2008 (to be down to 234) and 20 pounds for 2009 (to be down to 224). The way things have been going for the past 10 months I do not think I will make the 25 pounds loss for 2007, but anything is possible. If I can’t get the scales to move down, I’d like to prevent them from going up, and at least lose 20 inches for 2007 – now that would be a nice deal I do feel, though not sure if gaining that much extra muscle weight would sit well with the doctors, and I know it wouldn’t sit well with the dietitian who has said not to gain any more muscle weight … umm like I even know how to prevent that from happening with how I work out!

Well take care everyone,

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