I Can Do This, But…

Well that is the headline of my current life it does feel, and has been for a while now (not just since COVID lockdown started in 2020, but before that also). It feels like I could write volumes of material over this one topic and I likely could if I could get my brain into the right frame to do so on a consistant baseis, and that is in part at the core of my issue.

Motivation to get things done, when I am not feeling it and when I push myself to do it as much as I feel acomplished I also feel defeated at the same time all becuase I had to force myself to get it done or becuase I only see the lack of actual progress that it frustrates me to no end that I’m not making good time on what I feel I should already have gotten a good deal done alraedy but haven’t for one reason or another (medically speaking my body doens’t always corporate and I’ve had a hard time ajsting to the fact that as much as my mind says yes my body will say BLEEP NO).

Where do I start, and the clichae answer is “at the beginning” of which I am unsure where that really is so guess it means I’ll start somewhere and go else where from there.



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