Hysterectomy over with…

Well its over and dun with, my GYN took my uterus and cervix, but left my ovaries, she was going to take everything, but when she was in it turned out that the ultrasound scans were wrong about the state of my ovaries, as in they were not as messed up as the scans where showing.

Anyhow, went into hospital at 6 in the morning and was in surgery by 9am, took them a little bit before i was put under going over my medical history and the like concerns etc.

Anyhow, surgery went well I am told no hick-ups or anything, lasted three hours then I was taken to recovery where I was for 1.5 hours longer then was expected (since its common for me to wake up soon after surgery is over). Woke up in recovery and was taken to where I’d be spending over night before going home.

Spent the night in discomfort, cause they couldn’t find anything that would help with the pain – which was not a surprise though it was an annoyance.

Well take care everyone,



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