Interesting Happenings…

I was “wasting time” yesterday while waiting for a friend who I was meeting for a dinner date – I ended up walking/running from the restorant location down to the water works, and back again.

In the process I passes a local running group, which is sponcered by “The Running Group” a local/international shop that specilized in running and walking.

Now the kicker of the deal is, I ran pass them on the way to the water works and they where all huffing and puffing and going though their water like crazy – nun of them were talking to each other and all looked like they were getting ready to crash.

They where going at a steady pase since they had been running for about 15 or 20min by the time I passed them – the looks I got from the leader of the group and many of the runners was kind of funny at least to me it was. The look on their faces when I passed them on my way back while chatting on a cell phone was ever more funny.

To get down to the water works from where they started out its about a 60min steady run – now I was not running all the time to get down there, but I do walk about 120 steps a minute when I really get going.

It kind of made me feel good about myself because here was all these twigs panting, looking like they had been through the ringer, and here I am over weight (285 pounds), not out of breath, feeling more energized then ever and more then ready to go for a longer walk/run (which after supper we did do).

I found yesterday totally amazing, because they think they are so in shape, and when they saw a person of weight they looked so pissed off at me for not panting, being able to chat on a phone and what have you (no idea what was going though there minds), its just a form of motivation that stuck with me.

Add to that that I got the email from the group I had passed – saying that they do not allow those with Diabetes to join their running/walking groups becuase of libal – had me sitting in my chair laughing my head off. Guess they don’t know about the several Olympic runners, royers and the like who are T1s and T2s who have gotten Gold, Silver and Brozen medles, let along the Military officers who serve who also have diabetes – oh well there loss, I don’t need them I now have more motivation then I did before.



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