#FitDay QnA – “Fat” (and other F words)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) In light of the dancer called “fat” and the ensuing outcry, let’s talk about the word and how it makes you feel. What other words undermine your body image?
I’ve been called “fat” a “heavy weight” a “blimp” and a few other terms over the years, big time growing up when I was larger then the other children in my school or class. I learned to ignore them all and their being twigs. Years later I’m the one laughing, K not laughing but I’m the one that has the Education, is getting the weight off and in short not complaining about my weight or variations there of.

Q2) Now that we’re fully involved in the holidays, what is stressing you out and how are you working to stay healthy?
Work is the only thing that is a stressor at the moment, but its a welcomed stress since it means I’ve got employment – the stress on top of it is that I don’t know how long the employment will last (thinking it will only end up being seasonal, unfortunately). So I am taking one day at a time and in general doing my best to put in as many hours as possible to save what I can for the months to come.

Q3) Sneaky fitness – what do you do to stay in shape outside of the gym? Dance while running the vacuum? Jumping jacks while waiting in line?
Since I’ve not been a member of the gym since early 09 walking with Norman has become the primary way of staying in shape that and doing the P90X from time to time as I’m able to do so in the limited space of our apt.

Q4) How many of you are making New Year’s Resolutions? What are they and how are you setting yourself up to succeed?
I don’t make resolutions, I make goals and my goal is the same as this years goal to weight less at the start of the year then I did at the start of this year. Even if its a single pound its less then what I started out at, though my yearly goal is 20 pounds loss, to me I’ve learned any loss however small is a loss that works when all is said and dun.



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