#Fitblog QnA – How fit is your fridge?

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What do you consider healthy eating?
Getting in range of your personal vitamin and mineral intake, as well as calorie count – thus this varies from person to person as to what is actually healthy for them as a person and what it is that they are into doing. In general healthy eating to me is low sodium high in the basic vitamins and minerals that the body needs and taste great.

Q2) Do you consider your diet healthy?
What I eat might not always be of the healthy nature, but I feel over all I have a healthy plan of eating that works right for me, everything has its place including the occasional indulgence.

Q3) What’s your favorite healthy food?
I love garlic hummus its like one of my top 5 food choices to eat, next to raw carrots and apples

Q4) What’s one thing you could do to improve your diet?
I could cut out all the pop and assorted candies that I eat, I’ve already cut down on the amount I take in to start with over the years, but seriously my primary source of liquid is still water so the can of pop a day (or 2 liters of pop over the course of a week) might not be overly healthy is for sure but there are much more unhealthy items out there to be had.



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