#Fitblog – QnA (Balancing budget and healthy lifestyle)

FitBlog ChatsQ1: How was your Valentine day? Did you set any spending budget?
It was what it was, nothing big happened, no budget was set because we don’t have a budget for it because we lack the funds as it is for to set anything unfortunately.

Q2: Temptations are difficult to resist. What are yours? Any tips to help curb temptations? It can be anything, from shopping to eating out.
Lots of things are temptations but it doesn’t mean I pay attention to them in general, at times it can be hard but most of the time it doesn’t mean much, because most of the time I know I don’t have the funds to give into it so since funds are always an issue temptations are not something that I given in to often.

Q3: Is gym membership necessary for you, or do you have any tips on spending wisely?
Being a member of a gym is not necessary, but it sure does help get you out of the house and working out when its cold outside and you lack motivation or privacy at home to be able to work out fully. I can’t say abut spending wisely because my own local gyms are anything but cost effective when it comes to memberships.

Q4: How much does ORGANIC fit into your budget and lifestyle? Any tips and tricks on frugality?
In general it means nothing, I am more into buying local over organic in most cases since local tends to mean organic in general it can be one and the same option.



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