#FitBlog – QnA (Beating the Mid-Winter Blues)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What healthy changes did you make in January, that you are still doing in February?
Well Norman and I started hitting the Wii Fit Plus daily or every other day with him, and its something we both are going to keep up with this month and beyond.

Q2) How do you keep motivated during February?
I can’t answer this because this month is like any other, I keep motivated because I have no choice but to move forwards because going backwards is NOT an option to me.

Q3) It seems like everyone has fought a cold/flu this winter – what are your best tips to keep colds/flu away?
Stay away from children, they are the worse things to be around when it comes to catching a cold.

Q4) When you are sick, do you exercise?
Depends on how ill I am when it comes to what I am able to do about working out, in general I do try to so something even if all it is is streaching or a light form of yoga.

Q5) If Valentine’s Day is about showing your love for someone, how will you show yourself some love this month?
I’ll show myself love by making sure I do my best to reach my goals that I have set for myself for this year.



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