#Fitblog QnA – As Seen On TV: Fitness – Now for One Easy Payment of $139.99!

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Confessional: What is the craziest fitness equipment you’ve ever bought from TV? Did it work?
I’ve never gotten anything direct from the TV infomercials or commercials.

Q2) Confessional: What fad diets have you tried (or been tempted to try)?
I’ve never been on a diet, don’t believe in them then again anything that has “die” as the first three letters of a word, just doesn’t go over well in general of being a good thing or option.

Q3) What is your favorite 100% free way to work out?
Walking might well be the best, though free might not be the case when it comes to the fact you have to pay for the footwear and clothing you wear, maybe the only 100% free one would be sex or self pleasure since you don’t need clothing or anything to accomplish either of them.

Q4) What one piece of workout equipment do you hate?
Rower might well be the main machine that I can’t stand, though I also do NOT like the Stepper either both have their place I am sure but both of them I really do not like using.



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