First Bike Ride n Going Hypo

Fitness WordsWell spring feels like its here – though weather wise it seems to be an on again off again issue, though maybe that’s changing, well know shortly if the weather continues to be warm as sit was today.

So at any rate I’ve wonted to get our bikes out and up and running for a few years now but for various reason that wasn’t happening, until today I finally told N that I wonted to clean out my car and get out our bikes and get them up and running because I won’t to be able to go bike riding this spring/summer/fall in part to burn calories but also because I miss bike riding in general and would like to do it more as possible.

During the winter I’ve been riding our stationary bike and at first I was having low glucose levels because of it, but that corrected itself fast enough that I really didn’t think it would be that much of an issue, that was my first mistake I made today. I brought water and what not to stay hydrated and with enough glucose I though to keep my levels up in safe range, we even stopped off at Tim Hortons and I had a small black coffee with two sugars (something that tends to spike me a little, which is why its a treat and not a common thing).

Got home and legs where a little wabbly and I really didn’t think much about it, as in though it was just because I’ve not ridden my bike in close to 12 years so out of shape riding it type deal – but because its my custom to check my glucose after a work out I did so and talk about a shocker to see mmol 2.8 (50 mg/Dl) NOT the number I was expecting to see since I’d started out the bike ride at mmol 8.8 (158) and we where only gone 55 minutes. So ya in an hours time I bottomed despite taking in 60 grams of carbs while out riding. I am hoping that this is like it was on the indoor bike, that a few times more and things will just if not I am so going to have to figure out a way of keeping my glucose levels up without having to drink massive amounts of glucose.

I did have a can of pop when I got home and learned at the level I was at, took me a few moments to think to get the pop and when I did I grabbed a Pepsi Next, NOT the regular sugar pop that was right there on the table (can one say that I am so use to drinking the reduced sugar version that I totally wasn’t thinking about the full sugar one that was right there before me!

Oh well live and learn of course, but grrr nun the less … well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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