feeling it

Oh kay Saturday was a little to much, I am so feeling it today. Yes I got to much sun it does seem, but I didn’t get a burn so that is a good thing in and of itself. But I did get a little bit of a tan, closer to a light burn by the colour that I see, but nothing that is serious that requires attention at any rate.

Did the deal of how much I consumed, and ouch just over 3,200 cals was what I took in for the day thanks only to the fact when we got home I consumed over 52 oz of 1% milk (700 plus calories worth), whoops. I was so craving milk it was nuts. Without the milk though I did fair well in general for what I took in vs burnt off, I burnt about 1,500 cals over the course of the day so when the math is dun I had about 1,700 cals for the day in total.

One thing I also know, is that when Norman comes up for his vacation I’m not going to be in the shape that I was thinking I was going to be in to do what I was hoping to do – grrrrr

Oh well, my body is taking longer to heal then I thought it would, but at least its healing, so that is a good thing no further complications to speak of.

Well take care, am off to work on my room more.



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