Failed EA, hyster to come

Well the Ablation worked, however at the same time its a failure when it comes to my body.

Yesterday I went to see my GYN, and got my Depo Provera shot a week early … and well guess what it has actually slowed the bleeding down big time, as in I’ve gone from having to change my pad from every hour to couple times a day, now I just wish that the cramps would go the same way, but as yet they haven’t.

While there we talked about what had been dun and about what was happening, turns out the ablation went well from her perspective, save one thing my body is saying other wise, which means its actually a complete failure, as in the ablation was dun to STOP the excessive bleeding I was going though not increase it ten fold. On top of that I ended up with an infection from the ablation, which is just my luck … grrrrrs

From the talk it seems that the hyster will be a removal of my uterus and my cervix both, with possible ovaries depending on how they look she gets in there, as in it could well be a complete full hyster when all is said and dun, wont know till I wake up what has been dun beyond what was signed/consented towards.

Well take care everyone,



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