Still Learning about my Diabetes

Well I found out why I was really out of it when I started to drive home from my ex’s place of work with N I’d only taken in 80 cals for breakfast. I do NOT know what was I thinking only taking in that amount of calories for breakfast, I know it wasn’t that high in cals yes, but I didn’t think it was that little (I though at least 100 cals). If we’d had PB in the house I would have had that with the carrots or at least has it on bread to give my body a better carb load to work from, but there is no PB in the house and other sources of protein such as cheese or milk are not an option less I plan on spending a good hour or two after eating them stuck at home near the head.

Why was I in such a hurry? Why didn’t I take the time to eat more or make up something more then grabbing carrots and balsamic vinegar for a breakfast? Simple answer is that and I was running late to get over to see my ex to work on a project that he’d contracted me on to do for him. I simply fell into very old habits that I got into years ago of being able to grab light and go without an issue. Never really a good idea in general, but then again many of us get into that bad habit and end up paying for it sooner or later.

For me its an old habit of grabbing veggies on the go and running out the door without a second thought that lead me to doing what I did yesterday. When in University and College its something I use to do a lot of, since I almost always was waking up just in time to jump in the car and get to class. Not great for me in general as I’d end up downing a liter of pop later on in the day more times then naught (never coffee because at that point in time I still wasn’t able to tolerate the stuff). Then again I’d also down a glass of milk with the veggies (something which I can’t do now without issues) so I am sure that milk helped things in its own way since a glass is about 110 calories.

Anyhow, Norman and I drove up to see my ex at his place of employment and see if we might be able to help him with his problem that he was dealing with. He’s a windows tech and isn’t use to dealing with Mac as I am, which is why he called to have me come up and see what I might be able to show him. It took a lot longer then I though it would, as a result I didn’t grab lunch as I thought I would thus when it came time to leave my body was starting to slow and shut down. I still thought I was good to go, just a minor unwell feeling.

I new I needed to get food into me, I just didn’t know how bad I really needed to get it into me. We first stopped off at Wendy’s but they had nothing which i could eat without issues so we had to find something else. Well looking to get back onto Vic Park n trying to find a place to stop into to get real food I started to become disorientated and my concentration started to go out the window.

Norman say that something was up and had me turn into a gas station that I was about to pass. We stopped and he was asking me questions, simple ones that I should have been able to answer, but all I could say was “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know” and every time I said it to a question I got more upset each time. I new something was wrong with me but I was having trouble thinking. He finally got me to give him what I was looking for and I got enough brain power to ask him to get me my meter to test when he came back.

When I tested I was at mmol 10, not a good number but not unnatural for me either. Yet from how I was acting I know that something else had to be wrong for that number wouldn’t cause me to be feeling or acting as I was acting, never mind the fuzzy brain that I was going though. So I sent him to grab a can or bottle of what ever pop he wished to get that I could also drink, and waited for him to get back, but in the mean time I also popped a gluco tab. By time he got my back brain was starting to clime out the fog it had been in, but it was still there. The pop helped to clear it more but I knew I needed to get something into me asap that pop was not the answer, just as fast solution to tide me over till I could get what I needed.

So we started back out from the gas station, but we couldn’t get to where we where needing go so so I ended up going up the street we needed to go down, but it served a good idea as we came across a Subway so popped in and got both of us something to eat. After having food and about 8 oz of pop inside of me the fog had cleared from my mind and I was feeling better, not 100% but I could think without feeling slow or what have you. Tested and I shocked myself, I could have sworn I would be higher then I had tested at the gas station, but that wasn’t the case I was way lower. I was sitting at mmol 6.9 and that was without taking insulin or anything just having had pop, a gluco tab and a flatbread sub from subway.

So to me that meant that my numbers really where low and that my body had been trying to dump glucose into the system to keep it going, that scares the world out of me that my numbers might have climbed ever higher but having had the reality of the matter actually being low. I do not know how to explain it because I do not understand it myself. I was reading high, yet after eating and drinking high carb items I read actually as low.

Right now I’m paying for yesterday – I’ve got a migraine going on and my levels are running low. This is the first time I’ve noticed a big issue with being diabetic for myself, it has scared me to degrees at how close I might have come to having an issue while driving. Yet I couldn’t have asked Norman to drive because he himself had a mini seizure while I was driving home and was out of it, for him to have driven would have been way worse since for him he was fine one moment and the next out of it (guess that is why by Ontario law you have to be 2 years free before a doc will sign off for you to be able to drive – good law).

I am thankful that I had the gluco tabs on me and that Norman was able to get me to listen to him and pull over get me something to get my brain working again and that having to turn off where I did allowed me to find a place to get food that I could eat and would help me. I know now that I can’t go like I use to years ago, that I do need to eat right and on as close to a schedule as I can make because not to do so could cause more harm has I taken the time to do as I should.

Well take care everyone,



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