#dsma Chat n Reply – Week 6

Topic’s: Diabetes life, diaversary, music

Q1. Living with diabetes-has shaped you into the person you are today?
No its not what has shaped me into who I am today. Maybe if I’d had it since a child it might have helped do that, but getting told I have it as an adult well lots of things happened to me before getting told I was D that have gone into shaping who I am. D just happens to be one of the current factors that I have to live with.

Q2. What do you do on your diaversary – if anything? Do you celebrate?
I know the month I was told I was diabetic, and I know it was something like 20 days after I was told I had PCOS and I know it was after Christmas that I was told, but the exact date I have no idea. I do not celebrate it because I see no reason to do so, the only day I do celebrate to any degree is the day I had my hysterectomy for some reason its one of those days that I remember very very well

Q3. If you were asked to dedicate a song to diabetes what would it be? and why?
I’ve been trying to think of a song or two for the past hour and change and I still can’t come up with one or more that would sum it up to any degree in my own mind. But if there are songs that sum it up in general day to day deals and what have you they would be as follows…
Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
will add to this as my brain can think of them, but atm this is the only one that comes to mind – lol

Q4. Three words that describes your life with diabetes….
There are many words that come to mind, most of them are more then three words, some of them are as follows…
*I Will Survive
*Diabetes Doesn’t Have Me

Q5. Do you think there will be a cure for diabetes in this life time?
I’m not holding my breath since D is such a complicated condition to start with. But I am hoping that there will at least be some more progress made towards treatment and better control, if not actually being able to reverse the issue in part of whole. I think they will find a cure or close enough there of for T1s before anything for a T2 is found though.



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