#DSMA – Food

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. Do you take time to look at food labels? If so, do you look at grams of carbs or sugar (or both)?
I’m always checking food labels though not always for the carb that is almost tircary the first thing I am always looking for are what is in it and is it anything I’m allergic to (that always comes before how many carbs) if I find its something that can be had in the house then I’ll look at the carb count though 9 times out of 10 its really the sodium count that I’m looking at before that if its to high doesn’t matter what the carb count is I won’t be getting it.

Q2. Do you or your child follow the ADA exchange, carb choices, glycemic index or count the amount of carbs consumed? do they play an important part in managing your diabetes?
I to a degree carb count but the reality of the matter is I eat as I will because I’ve already got a limited selection of foods I can eat to start with so most times carb count doesn’t come into the equation.

Q3. The cost of eating “healthy” can be a huge problem for people with diabetes. Please share any tips on how to eat well on a budget.
I try to shop daily for fresh foods or at least a few times a week when it comes to fruit and veggies we never buy more then we will eat within a few days of time its just not economical to do so – also frozen veggies are key to our deal in general we always have those in stock for meals. Meat wise we shop at a local farmers market that is on all year round and will shop for a months supply of meat for the family.

Q4. Mobile technology has evolved over the past few years. What android/iPhone apps do you use for on the go nutritional info?
I don’t – because I don’t have a smart phone (one day I might but right now its not in the budget).

Q5. How do you handle the negativity surrounded by what you eat from people who do not understand diabetes?
I don’t worry about it since most people don’t know I have Diabetes and those that do have learned to keep their mouth shut over the matter.



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