#DCDE – Nutrition, Diabetes, and Eating Disorders

diabetes iconThe following Questions are taken From: DiabeticConnect.com – Jan. 27, 2015 – Nutrition, Diabetes, and Eating Disorders – #DCDE Twitter Chat that took place with special guest Laura Cipullo, RD CDE. I’ve added my own answers to the Questions as well (outside of what I tweeted at the time of the chat itself).

Q1 – What does clean eating mean to you?
When it comes to clean eating to me it means eating mostly unprocessed food or at least low processed food as one is able to eat – Raw Veggies etc. This is because to me processed foods are not overly healthy for anyone to eat, but yes even I do admit to eating frozen pre packed veggies because of the cost factor (but to me these are low processed foods not high processed, such as TV dinners, Lunchables, or the like, i’d even put some canned veggies in the low processed category though with the sodium content that most have that’s an area that I try not to even touch without good reason to do so).

Q2 – How do fat and protein affect your blood sugars?
Its my understanding that Protein and Fat’s are slower for the body to react to then simple or even complex carbs are for the body to process thus are slower to rise your glucose levels then any carb in general.

Q3 – Is there a place for all foods in a healthy diet?
To me yes all foods are an option in moderation and in general if you are allergic or intolerant to them to start with. But that being said some foods just might not be on the table depending on how they spike you personally since we’re all different and how our bodies react to carbs, what might not spike me might spike the next person who eats the same thing or even less then I did.

Case in point, RICE some people say it spikes them though the roof so its a no no food option, yet other’s like myself don’t experience much of a spike from it at all (yes if will rise my levels, but not to a large amount that I have to take a lot of extra insulin to cover for it more then normal).

Q4 – How do we find a comfortable space with recommendations vs. real life? How do you adapt and make it more realistic?
No idea, to me that is called figuring out what is workable for me at any given stage of my life (employed vs unemployed). I have learned over the years that what might work for X period of time doesn’t stay that way all the time. Like before my hysterectomy I didn’t seem to have issues with some things, yet after it and hitting menopause all hockey stick broke louse so to speak it felt and I’ve spent the past 5+ years refiguring my body out and what works with it and what doesn’t by trial and error then having celiac tossed at me means back to square one and figuring it all out all over again.

Q5 – Why do you think eating disorders are common in diabetics?
No idea don’t think its any more common then other medical conditions such as #PCOS or #celiac in its own regards that various people go though. As in because you have to mind the food you are going to eat you are almost forced to look at food differently thus its very much possible that you freat over what you are about to eat because of various reasons (be it will you suffer cross contamination complications or will it spike your glucose levels though the roof).

I look at most food and go can I have it? Most of the time its called “bleeping bleep nope can’t have it has XYZ in it! grr” and the sad thing is its never because of Diabetes that I can’t have it! its always allergy/celiac related = really annoying.



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