30 Day Q n A of Diabetes

I’m going to be doing my own take of the series of 30 Days of, that I’ve been doing for a while now – this is based off of a tumbler post I saw a while ago asking Qs about Diabetes which got me thinking – this is the result of that thinking process.

Day 1. How old were you when you were diagnosed? And/or how old is your diabetes now?
Day 2. What was your first reaction to your diagnosis?
Day 3. Have you ever been to diabetes camp/events? Have you made any friends that way?
Day 4. Do you know any other diabetics? (both online and IRL)
Day 5. Pump, shots, or something else? Why? What meter/pump do you use?
Day 6. Do you advertise it or try to hide it? Any reason why?
Day 7. What’s your favorite diabetic related book/movie?
Day 8. Did you have to make any major lifestyle changes when you were diagnosed?
Day 9. Have you ever traveled far away with it? What was that like?
Day 10. What was your scariest diabetes moment?
Day 11. What’s your record for highs/lows?
Day 12. How’s your relationship with your endocrinologist?
Day 13. What’s your favorite diabetes joke?
Day 14. Have you ever gotten in trouble for doing something diabetes-related that someone didn’t think was allowed? (Bolusing in class, blood sugar test in a meeting, eating at work, etc)
Day 15. What’s your favorite oh-gosh-my-diabetes-hate-me-for-eating-this food?
Day 16. Do you own/use any diabetic cookbooks?
Day 17. Has being diabetic gotten you any privileges? (scholarships, special treatment, etc)
Day 18. What advice would you give a newly-diagnosed diabetic?
Day 19. What’s your best diabetes moment?
Day 20. What’s your worst diabetes moment?
Day 21. Do you feel there is enough education about diabetes? if not why not if yes why yes?
Day 22. Fitness wise how does being diabetic effect this side of things?
Day 23. What is one of the things about diabetes that you dislike the most?
Day 24. What is one of the things about diabetes that you like the most?
Day 25. Other then being diabetic, do you have other medical conditions which impact your treatment or how you live as a diabetic?
Day 26. If you had to give an over view of your version of diabetes what would you have to say?
Day 27. Are you active within the DOC (diabetic online community)
Day 28. Are there any web sites, blogs, etc you recommend to others with Diabetes or even those who don’t have diabetes?
Day 29. What is one BIG thing you wish you could do but feel that diabetes prevents you from doing it?
30. Give a diabetic shoutout!



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