Day 6 – Cymbalta / Duloxetine taper

Woke up around 5am with bial in my mouth rushed to the washroom and dry heaved for a good had hour as I had nothing in my stumic to give up.

Finally got back to bed but I never got fully back to sleep I was just feeling to nauseated. When I did finally get up even the thought of food was so NOT appealing, nor was leaving my bed or doing anything all u wonted to do was sleep and not move around much.

Which for the most part is what I did. Did a few things around the house but my entire body was protesting everything from trying to hold a knife to using a fork to even holding a mug to drink from.

Glucose levels are elevated and I’ve taken extra insulin but it’s not helped lower it do part of me is thinking I’ve gotten a viral infection and that it’s nothing to do with the tapering, but I’m not 100% sure it is or isn’t as yet. Guess I’ll know shortly if it clears up or if it gets worse or just stays the same.

I don’t know what is going on, but I’m feeling irritation towards my husband for no reason which is annoying to me since he’s done nothing for me to be upset with him over, nor has his service dog yet I am slightly irritated.

I’m also in pain all over and my lack of muscle in my arms and let’s and I’ve noticed I’ve lost almost all of the muscle I had around my core that I can actually feel the bones underneath my skin now that I couldn’t feel 6 months ago and that is concerning to me on many levels.

Sighs I feel more like my old self to degrees but the pain and inability to do things is getting blasted annoying!



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