Cold Limbs that shouldn’t be cold

I don’t know what the world is going on with me – this is something that started while I was with me ex, but then went away, but is now back with avangence.

When I was with my ex I had my first major Porph attack, after it I found I wasn’t able to get warm anymore that I always felt so freaking cold – yet if you touched me I was warm to the touch but inside I didn’t feel that way at all.

Now that went on for several months, but it eventually went away, then came the summer and normally with the summer comes me being very much uncomfortable and the like because my body has never been able to keep itself cool in summer thus I tend to run a temp and get over heated way to easily.

not last summer though – even at the heigh of the summer I wasn’t feeling it like I normally have in the past. Which was strange in and of itself, not to mention I didn’t burn at all which is something I can’t even think of not happening to me at least once each summer as long as I have been alive.

It was actually nice to spend a summer without getting over heated once, and since I was with my ex then and we didn’t have air conditioning it did help a hell of a lot, but didn’t help him.

Anyhow, after my second attack things are back to how they where after my first attack _ i can’t get my lower part of my body to get warm – yet to touch it it might well feel warm even running a temp of 105 I was freezing cold.

I found a short term way of making my body feel warmer – but its not the best option (taking a hot bath – not warm but hot, warm doesn’t help at all, the water has to be hot). Part of the reason its not the best option is because its Hot water not warm water. i don’t seem to be able to feel the warm water enough, and the hotter the better which means my skin pinks and reds up nicely which isn’t necessarily good because well hot water isn’t good if you have high blood pressure (which I’m told I do get at times).

Sighs, my doc’s don’t know what is going on and I’m tired of having a nightly dip in the bath to get warm again.

Oh well such is life, take care everyone.



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