Chronic Pain

Sighs, I don’t know what is going on or going wrong.

The more I read about various things that I am said to have the more like I feel that I don’t fit into the whole I’ve been put into and it is irritating to say the least, but also frustrating as part of me cannot relate to other’s who are said to have the same condition.

I’m told I have Fibromyaligia yet almost all the reading I’ve been doing in regards to it says that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a big part of the condition, yet I can’t speak of having it as such. Yes I am tired, but it isn’t what I kept hearing from other’s on the various boards I’m on. I don’t sleep the day away, I might not wake up refreshed but I can wake up and be ready to go without a lot things needing to be dun to be ready to go. So I don’t really understand if I do or don’t have it since my reading on it seems to make it sound like to me that I don’t or if I do I don’t have it as bad as other’s seem to say theirs is.

I know that I am not getting enough sleep or enough rest and that to various degrees i am burning the candle at both ends so to speak, but I don’t know how to fix it or even work with it to make it more manageable at time point in time.

I go to bed easy enough, I sleep, I wake up I go about my day and i’m in 24/7 pain that never goes away, its always there at a level 5 or higher and in all honestly can’t remember being lower then 5 in a good year.

When people write the 10 signs of fibro, or what you didn’t know about fibro, or any other article that has been written about it I look at it and think umm alright and tick off the boxes of what I don’t have to deal with vs I do deal with. What I do deal with vs don’t seems to be not enough to base a Fibromyalgia diagnoses upon, yet the rheumatolgitst was very much in his medical report that I have 18 point Fibro, as a result of having Chronic Pain Syndrome.

When it comes to the pain, that is something that I have a hard time explaining or even talking about because I find it hard to put into words what the pain feels like or even does to me. I do know that I can’t function as I once did and I can’t do all that I use to be able to do, but I do what I can to make it though each day as possible to do so.

Post again soon, going to try and collect my thoughts about this and see what I can come up with for another future post.

take care,



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