Chronic Pain – p3

Well not sure what to say here about this continued dialog but I can say that I still feel lost as to what is going on with me and how to best deal with it in general.

The pain from driving is something that I am unsure I will get use to, then gain the same pain happens when taking local transit so seem any transpiration causes the pain to increase.

One thing I have learned over the past several months is that my glucose levels are tired into my pain level to various degrees, the higher my pain the higher my glucose levels seem to be, yet it isn’t consistent in that either. As in I can be in high pain and my glucose will be around 5, so it isn’t as connected as I’d like it to be but it is connected on various levels I am sure.

Been thinking about the past 4 years and sad to say but I am having a B of a time recalling the past like I once did, I remember parts but trying to remember a time when I didn’t have pain in all honestly I can’t remember off the top of my head. Though I do semi remember university and having good nights sleep in my apartment. I feel like I’m chasing that remembered time and unable to get close to it again.

I’ve tried using my grannies cane that my mom used for walking and it is actually to tall for me, which makes me sad since my mom loved that can as did my granny. Part of me says I don’t need it, yet another part of me says who am I kidding its needed from time to time – yet when I have used it my neck pain has increased.

sighs, i can’t write more my brains feeling like mush 🙁



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