Chronic Pain – p2

Well I said I would write more and here goes nothing or something as the case might well be…

Been thinking about what it is that the day to day pain does or doesn’t do to me.

On a good day the pain is there and I push though to get the dishes dun in a decent time frame, I push to walk Storm and I push myself to do some cleaning to the best of my abilities. But then swing to another day and I am fighting to be able to even walk down the stairs, never mind down the street and doing the dishes, well ya that doesn’t happen as I have not the energy or the mental skills to get through doing them without a semi meltdown happening.

I wake up tired and wishing that I could get back to sleep but do to the amount of pain I’m in I can’t even bring myself to go back to bed because my back or hips are in so much pain that putting any pressure on them including sitting HURTS like bleep.

My head feels like it is so heavy that holding my head up at times can be bleeping heard to do for what ever reason, that I do not understand. Add in to the fact that I can be walking and out of the blue my neck will pinch and start effecting the ability of me to use my left side from the shoulder down, including using my hand to hold my dogs leash.

If it goes on long enough it will also start to effect my ability to walk and move. The pain will rise and eventually if I don’t get Norman to manipulate my shoulder/back then it gets worse and I’m in more pain then I care to think because the couple times its gotten to that point I’ve actually be ready to go to the ER to see if I can get help, yet I don’t because in all honestly I don’t because I don’t think they really can help me (I hope that they could, but I don’t think they likely would be able to do so).

I’ve talked to my GP about the pain, but I know she does’t understand the amount I am in. I refuse to take some drugs because I don’t wish the side effects of the drug and in all honestly I am scared some of the side effect big time after the issues Gab gave me and then Cymbulta those two drugs really did a number of my mental health and my physical health.

I agreed to take the Celebrix on an as needed basis as it is the same class as Advil, only semi stronger from my understanding. It does work in its fashion if I’m at say a level 8 pain it will knock me down to a level 7, which is good and most helpful but not as helpful as I’d like. I have read if I take it on a regular basis that it builds up in my system to help but that long term use of it can cause gastric bleeding and other issues, just like using Advil to often can cause. So either way it is a no win citation.

I’d really like to have something for the pain that has limited side effects, but right now that doesn’t seem to be the case or possibility.

Alright feel like i’m rambling, will post more as time does allow for it.



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