Another Appointment

Well saw my new GP again and this time it went a little better, she had gone though my file to a limited degree and had noticed that there was some gaps – which during the course of our talk she realized wasn’t small as she was orginally thinking but big GAPS that had her scratching her head as to why the gaps had not been filled in a long time ago.

So she said that she was going to in short start from scratch and get those gaps filled. Now if she does or doesn’t do this time will only tell me but it is a good sign that she is acuatlly listening to me to degrees – she even agrees that for all I have been told I have fibro that it isn’t a full answer, she thinks the bloke who told me I have Fibro isn’t playing with a full deck or something (she has talked with him, and apparently didn’t agree or mesh with his views) – she agrees that something is going on and that MS though a possibility the Brain MRI says it isn’t but she did agree that if it is in my spine and not my brian that it wouldn’t show up in my brain, but she nor I is willing to do a spinal tap unless there is no other option.

She isn’t sure Lupus is a idea or not, she says yes it is a poissibility but some of the previous tests would say other wise but not all tests where dun to rule it in or out so its an unknown, samw as my ANA test I had that was posiitve but never followed up on, so she’s ordering another one of those to see what happens and go from there.

She is also going to order another Spine X-ray and possible MRI but she has a few other ideas that she wonts to get dun first with other doc’s that she wonts to get thier opinion of first so I’m trusting her to get the rolling because I am at my wits end about what is going on r wrong with me, since I am at the point that I do need to apply to the ADP (adaptive device program) so I can get a wheelchair to be able to get around in because walking is starting to become more and more of a issue that is becoming harder to deal with big time for shopping unfortunatly.

well post more soon, take care!



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