Alarm raised on health literacy

Half of Canadian adults miss key information, large-scale study finds

More than half of Canadian adults do not have the skills necessary to properly make daily decisions about their health, according to a report released yesterday by the Canadian Public Health Association.

Its expert panel called the low levels of health literacy in Canada “critical” and says a countrywide strategy is needed to solve the problem, especially since our health-care system will become increasingly complex.

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I did the test that was in the paper and got a 6 out of 6 for my health literacy, and was actually shocked to a degree to read that a grade 11 education is what appears to be needed to read information online .. that just doesn’t sound right to me, as most info I seem to read is in basic terms at least to me that is the case, and why I get frustrated reading so many sites cause they use way to simple language to say something that could be said in fewer words.

I do not think its hard to read the lables on food nor figure out what they are saying, but then that is me and I do take the time to read what is written on the lable … I don’t really know what to say about this area since to me its natural to read what has been printed so you know what you are eating not to mention what your putting into your body that might not be 100% good for it (aka sodium levels, etc).

Oh well, I new Canadians where not healthy to start with any more then many americans or other people around the world, just makes me wonder what they are NOT teaching in school anylonger that was being taught when I was in school oh so many moons ago.

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