Medical and everything else

This week has been mostly filled with medical appointments and other things of that nature that need to be done every so often, got in some shopping along the way plus extra PA with Payton (and he’s coming along rather well). Norman got a game that he’s been wanting to … Continue reading

It is what it is

Well went to church today and was asked to give the opening prayer which I did, kept it short and sweet so to speak and spent the rest of the service lost in various thoughts some from what people where saying who where speaking n the stand at other times … Continue reading

Mega Adoption

Well, it was the annual Mega Adoption down at the EX with the Toronto Humane Society and other rescues having dogs and cats up for adoption for just 25.00, this is the actual event that we’d planned on attending to search for a companion for the two of us until … Continue reading

American Anthem really?

Ya not something I was expecting to sing here in Canada outside of a Baseball game or the like, much less at church! Though it was funny to look around at those there who where actually needing to use the hymn book to be able to sing the entire thing. … Continue reading


Well Payton has come a very long way since he first came into our lives and has been bonding with Norman rater well – though at times it still appears that he has a preference for me, for all I am trying to make sure he understand’s that Norman is … Continue reading

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