ICE Information Card

Back of the ICE Information Card

Well having seen a few postings on FB about ICE and what other people with Service Dogs carry (most have a phone app it would seem) I though it might be a decent idea of make up a card that Norman could carry that is business card size with the … Continue reading

SD – AODA Card concept

Back - of the AODA Card

I know that there is no Law that says a SD team has to have ID cards or certification in Ontario, thus I came up with a card that Norman could hand out to business and people as needed should be be questioned about his SD being in a place … Continue reading

Three Weeks

Well its been Three Weeks that Payton has been part of our family, and he has come a LONG way in such a short time and I am pleased how he is progressing as a family member, plus as a medical aid for Norman. In many of that areas for … Continue reading

Church and Mother’s Day

Well it went well enough, we had Payton in the car so he was with us but not in church itself – we brought him to get him use to being in the building (even if it was just the car in the underground), he did rather well we both … Continue reading

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