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Norman’s Here!!!!

Well Norman got in, and of course immigration got him again.

Sighs, talk about NOT FUN … he was to be here till March, but NO immigration says he has to go back February 2nd 2009!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

We are not pleased about this at all, but with luck we will be able to get things changed around or at least extended.

But nun the less he is here, and we are going to make the most of his time here and do all we can to make it a perm stay over a temp as we are able to do so from this side of things.

Well take care everyone


Alright, slightly more then 24 hours to go (about 39 hours as of this posting actually), but still tomorrow he arrives!

Oh ya I am excited!!!!!!!!!!

He might only be here for the winter (though much longer I am hoping), but at least he will be here with me!

Sighs, wont him here right now, I miss him totally!

84 hours and counting down…

Ya I am back to counting the hours till Norman get back to here to me.

This time though he’s up for a four months, with luck it will be much longer then that – but for that to happen he needs to find work up here first and get a card that would allow him to live and stay here to work.

Yes it is something we’ve looked into, but as yet we haven’t got an idea about what it is that is needed to get one, so one thing to look into while he is up here for that time period.

Well take care everyone

8 days to go…

Well in 8 days he will be back here and with me (for a min of 4 months at least).

Sighs, it feels so far away till he is coming back up here, but its just a day longer then a week, but still feels so far away.

I so hope to get things figured out while here is up here so that its a perm stay instead of just a long visit, but like all things it has to be legal and if it means he has to go back again to get back here perm then we agree its worth it when all is said and dun (just hope it doesn’t have to be that way – tis all).

Well take care everyone

Tired and missing him

Sighs, well he is still not back up here .. but we are hoping that he will be back by next month just have to wait and see like all things.

I’m also tired a lot of late, maybe its to much working at BGs maybe its cause I’m not sleeping well missing him and all, I don’t really know but I do know I can sleep and sleep and sleep and still be tired when I get up.

I’m still sending out resumes without getting answers, I’ve actually lost count on how many I have sent out and how many I have handed out over the past year – all for nothing it does seem (no work thus far this year at all).

Sighs, I’m tired and feeling down – grumbles

Complications getting Norman back up here perm

Sighs, who new it was going to be such an issue getting him back up here perm .. sighs and growls seems that its harder then either of us first thought!

Aka there is no easy way of doing it, and the process can take months to complete it does seem and cost a fair amount to boot. Sighs, not what we were looking for, and even if we hitched early (which is not an option), it would be just as complicated if not a little more so.

I’m getting brain strain trying to figure out what it is he needs to do to get up here perm. One moment I think its just the work visa, next maybe he needs the imigration angle, then I’m off on another area … i’m lost as to what he needs really and no one seems to be of help on his end of the deal, sighs and growls at the complication of it all (why does it seem that foren immigrats get in easer then this??)

Sighs, we will figure it out and he will get up here perm its just a matter of time when all is said and dun, but its still a B and a half trying to figure it all out.

take care everyone

Missing him a world of a lot

Sighs, it doesn’t feel like its only been a 6 days and change, feels like its been longer since he had to go back to the US – sighs no fair.

But he is working to get back up here, but like all things its taking time to get what he needs together to get up here, namely the legal stuff that will allow him to work up here and live, and have access to OHIP!

Sighs, yes I am fully in love with him and I do miss him a world of a lot. I know its natural to miss the one you love, but sighs, I never have had this feelings before so its all new to me.

Well take care everyone