Continued Learning

Well for all that this month has been hectic to various degrees one thing that did come this weekend was a Career Workshop that both N and I signed up to attend, the first day of the seminar wasn’t great to degrees and we where left wondering if we really … Continue reading

Back Again

Well we went back to the LDS Church again today, we arrived slightly late for various reasons but got there just in time to have sacrament, which was what N wonted to be there for to start with. For family reasons we where unable to stay for second or third … Continue reading

The Missionaries Where Back

Well got a minor surprise while I was in the kitchen getting things together for the missionaries, turned out our regular duo was temp split up because one of them got the stump flu so we had one of the older missionaries come as a companion to the regular one. … Continue reading

Count Down

Well just over a week left before FE2015 happens, still LOTs to get dun before the convention and starting to feel like we’ll not have everything finished and ready for the con. But I know we’ll be alright regardless of how I’m feeling because there is no other choice in … Continue reading

LDS Church

Well on Sunday N and I again attended the LDS church and we did stay for the full 3 hours of it – mostly because I said we would (I wonted to stay mostly because the third hour was going to include the people from the employment section so wonted … Continue reading

Another Visit

Well the two missionaries came again today, and will be back next week same day same hour – anyone for a pattern emerging? K I know we could change it if needed or wished but it isn’t a issue at the moment so we’re sticking with it.

A Question of Faith

Well, its been a while since I even though about why I walk the path that I walk (k maybe not, but some aspects of it I just don’t think about often), yesterday the LDS Missionaries came for they’re weekly talk. Not sure if N looks forwards to them coming … Continue reading

Attending the LDS Church

Well because I’d agree that we’d attend the church today it meant that I wonted to have a better understanding of what I was going to be walking into or to some regards what was I getting myself into! With that in mind, saturday between doing things around the house … Continue reading

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