Well I will admit that as much as I like Payton he has gotten on my nerves today with some of his antics when it came to going for his walks. His fixation on Squirrels is intense, I’ve never seen that before not even in Griff or Bliss and they … Continue reading

New Family Addition

Well we have added a new family member, who is named Payton. Payton came from the Toronto Humane Society, but was originally from a shelter up north that ran out of room so ended up shipping him down to Toronto. We where not the first to view him or be … Continue reading

The Sister Missionaries

Well they came again today, the new set that we’ve been assigned. Its nice to see them, but it just isn’t the same as the last couple sets we’ve had. These sisters i’m just not feeling it with them at all, I don’t mind talking with them or going visiting … Continue reading

Visiting with Others

Well for the second time Norman and I visiting a less active member of our ward with the sister missionaries. It was a semi short visit, he asked a few Qs of them and got the standard run around answer that they answered but didn’t to his satisfaction – though … Continue reading

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