Working With Storm

Well Storm is coming along in her training there are of course still areas that she hasn’t gotten into yet and other areas that she is struggling with doing consistently (which is in part my own fault since I’ve been a little to inconsistent with what I was expecting of her – my bad).

I keep forgetting to log her training into the training app that I got for my phone, and of course I keep also forgetting to even write it into the spread sheet or make any note of it other then a fast calendar note … sighs I am so far behind in recording what I have been working on with her that I feel like I’m not going to be able to catch up or that I can’t accurately catalog the information as I feel that I need to do, like I did when I was working with Payton at the start of his training.

Oh well can’t do much about it just have to plug along and do the best that I am able to do as I can do it.



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