#dsma Chat n Reply – W27


Q1. Is the A1C an adequate measure of diabetes control?
No I do not believe it is because one can take care of themselves a month before the test is to be taken and get a good low number then go back to bad habits and be really uncontrolled thus the truth of the matter isn’t being seen. Also one can have great control in general, but have a bad A1C for other reasons that infulance the results (stress, drugs, etc).

Q2. Do you have an A1C target, and if so, how did you set it?
I aim to get into the 7s and stay there below would be great but to me as long as I can stay within the 7s that’s good enough for me in general (and its my own accord that I am for 7s, my endo would like to see in in the 5s for optimum control).

Q3. Do you belive the A1C results you see posted online?
I believe that everyone is different thus the numbers posts is right for them and not the case for everyone else.

Q4. Why or why not do you think a PWD should strive for a sub 6% A1C?
I do not believe someone with diabetes should go for under 6 because that is not the right number for everyone who has diabetes, it might well be right for many but its not a number that is right for every single person.

Q5. What things have helped you achieve your A1C target?
Watching what I eat in general is the key, getting enough walking and working out helps as well.

Q6. What do you need to achive your A1C target?
Better income to I can get the food that I need to eat to keep my levels lower, to me is one of the things that I need because lack of funds does have its effect on what foods can be eaten and how often and how much.



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